Mirrors are magic! They can be the focal point of a room, or simply blend in. Any mirror will give a room the look of light and space.
Along with being beautiful to the eye, mirrors also play a big role in space.

Mirrors help to give a sense of space by reflecting light, therefore brightening the room and giving the sense of less clutter, especially in dark or smaller rooms.

They are so versatile. By placing one or more opposite a window, it will reflect the light and help brighten up your room. Or try placing a mirror or two opposite each other on opposing walls, the sense of extra space will amaze you.

Entrance mirror? Your guests will walk in and instantly feel a sense of light, space and freshness.

Come and see our showroom, we display many mirrors from traditional to modern styles of all sizes and finishes.

We proudly manufacture on site with the latest equipment and machinery and pride ourselves on making some of Melbourne’s most beautiful custom mirrors.

Custom Mirror Framing Melbourne
Custom Mirror Framing Melbourne

“Outstanding quality, workmanship and service. Highly recommended.” – Angela Tandori


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